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 AM1670 is maintained as a public service for the communities of Valencia, El Dorado and Northern Hills in San Antonio, Texas. We are an LPAM FCC Part 15 station broadcasting on 1670 kHz and available on Windows Media Guide, TuneIn Radio and a variety of online streaming services.  AM1670 is licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN and Sound Exchange.



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AM1670 provides live on-air personalities on weekday mornings and most evening hours.  Our show hosts give time and effort providing listeners with the entertainment value lacking from the radio airwaves in todayís sterile broadcast environment.  Some see us as an underground radio station.  We see it as the way radio was intended to be.

Contrasting common variety formats, this station airs and supports local, regional and independent music and often feature vintage LPs on tube analog equipment.  We advantage our live shows by opening up the phone lines to our musical guests, to our listeners and engaging the audience with banter in our chatroom.  Musical guests, songwriters and recording artists regularly stop in during artist features to participate with listeners.  We consider ourselves a community.

The genesis of this station revolved around recognizing the variety of eclectic music and its availabily on the Internet and Social Networks.  We strive to serve as a one-stop for those unique sources of entertainment.  Most importantly, this station belongs to you, the listener.


Radio Schedule

SUNDAY [Central Time Zone]
9:00 AM - The Exchange Church
11:00 AM - My Altered State

MONDAY [Central Time Zone]
8:00 AM - Drivetime with Dewberry

TUESDAY [Central Time Zone]
8:00 AM - Drivetime with Dewberry
3:00 PM - Snow Jams

WEDNESDAY [Central Time Zone]
8:00 AM - Drivetime with Dewberry

THURSDAY [Central Time Zone]
8:00AM - Drivetime with Dewberry

FRIDAY [Central Time Zone]
8:00AM - Drivetime with Dewberry
8:00 PM - Old School Radio

SATURDAY [Central Time Zone]
2:00 PM - Dew's Vintage Albums

Off The Record

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The Aesthetics of AM Radio
Jennifer Waits

When was the last time that you tuned in to AM radio to listen to music? Although Iím a huge evangelist for the ongoing importance of terrestrial radio (especially non-commercial radio), the AM slice of the radio band is a place that I only turn when Iím in my car looking for news, weather, and traffic information. But back when I was a kid, AM radio was huge and was the home to some of my favorite DJs and music shows. So, what happened?